Brett Clarkson, AREINZ ABB

Business Broker
Office: Auckland – Ellerslie


Brett sells businesses and has done for 30 odd years. His background is extensive but not traditional. At 19 he owned a 24-hour service station (a pioneering concept in those days), he then enjoyed a stint as a “jolly” publican, before entering the world of performance-based sales.

Brett credits self-employment and his commitment to self-improvement, as the foundations of his successful business broking career.  Through his experience he has acquired a depth of knowledge, knowledge that he readily imparts with his clients. Brett is committed to helping people figure out what they want, where they want to be, and how to thrive once they get there. He holds firm to the premise that although we are business focused, we are also people; emotions and feelings are always at play. When making decisions we not only turn to the facts, we also engage our gut feel. Learning how to navigate a deal while honouring both, is where Brett’s strengths lie.

Beyond this, Brett is a confidant, a financial analyst, an appraiser, a marketer, a communicator, an IT geek, a negotiator, and a steady hand to hold during the sales process.

The following testimonial provides the benchmark to which Brett continually works to maintain.

“Having been in the accounting industry since 1987 and having built-up a very large client base we have a large number of clients who buy and sell businesses. At no stage during the years I have been in this industry have I come across someone so dedicated as a Corporate Broker as Brett Clarkson. His level of professionalism and the way in which he has gone about communicating with not only the buyers but also with the selling party in respect of the business has been outstanding.”

Testimonial from Brent Smith, Director, Ainger Tomlin, Chartered Accountants, Christchurch


"I am  accountant  and  financial  advisor for  Pot  Hole  People  Ltd  a construction  contracting  client  based  in  Christchurch.   I have  been accountant and  financial  advisor for this company since  1987. The shareholders  of  Pot  Hole  People  Ltd  recently  made  a  decision  to their company.   They  selected  Brett Clarkson  as their authorised  agent to sell the company on a  national  programme. I would  like to  congratulate  your company  and  the  way  in  which  Brett Clarkson  has handled  the sale of my clients  company.

Elaine  having  been  in  the accounting  industry  since  1987  and  having  built•up a very large  client  base we have  a  large  number of clients  who  buy and sell businesses.   At  no stage  during  the years  I have  been  in  this industry have I come  across  someone so dedicated  as a corporate  broker as Brett Clarkson.   His  level  of professionalism  and  the way in  which  he has gone about communicating  with  not only  the buyers  but also with  the selling party  in  respect  of the business  has been outstanding.

With  every  part  of the process  we as the sellers  have  been  kept  informed of the progress  of each  of the potential  buyers.   The document  Brett  has produced  to table to  potential  buyers  has  covered  all the information required  to make an  informed  decision.

Please  pass on our  congratulations  to Brett  in  the manner with  which he has handled  the sale and  as an accountant  I would  be extremely  happy  to recommend him  to any  potential  client  looking  to sell  their  business.

We thank you for the services  you have  provided."

-Brent Smith


"We were very impressed with  Brett's professionalism and  how he made the whole  process from preparing prospective clients to visit our business to proposing sales offers a stress free experience. His friendly nature and attention to detail  made it a  pleasure to deal with  him at all times and we were never pressured  into anything.  We feel like Brett genuinely  cared about us and our business. We would  definitely recommend  Brett to anyone wanting great results when selling their business."

-Stewart and Sharon Cunningham 

Pidcorp Engineering Ltd