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As a nation, we are spending more of our discretionary income in cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The number of food and beverage providers across the country has grown, especially in our major cities. Tourism is a growing industry that actively contributes to the success of NZ’s food and hospitality sector. NZ is known for its culinary creativity, fusion of international cuisines and access to local produce.

Our locally made wines, craft beers and handcrafted spirits have a global reputation, making our local bar scene popular with foreign visitors. Domestic support for the industry is also a significant driver and critical contributor to its success; dining out, catching up for a drink or grabbing a quick bite has become an integral part of our nation’s identity. 

Why Buy a Food or Hospitality Business for Sale? 

The demand for food, coffee and beer in New Zealand is very high. There are specialty coffee shops within just a few metres of each other across major cities of the country. The same is true for pubs and other hospitality businesses. Most aspiring entrepreneurs want to buy an existing business for sale because it would have a loyal client base to build from.

Existing businesses including coffee shops for sale and restaurants for sale also offer additional benefits including well-trained staff, furnishings, and existing processes that work for the business. Buying a mobile food truck for sale is also an option. It is a modern restaurant concept and a fiscally creative solution. With fewer overheads, mobile food trucks are always on the move; community events, festivals, corporate events and even weddings. No working day is ever the same! 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

LINK business brokers bring knowledge and experience to their specialist sectors. They understand the challenges of their chosen industries and can successfully match you with a business that will suit your needs, areas of expertise and financial capacity. If you are considering buying a cafe or restaurant business for sale, meeting with a LINK business broker to discuss your options would be a valuable first move.

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