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International trade is excellent for the NZ economy, ergo, great for NZ. We trade with countries the world over, with China, Australia and the US, ranked as the top 3, respectively. Our top exports are meat and dairy products, while our major imports are cars, crude and refined petroleum, delivery trucks and machinery/mechanical equipment.

Trade agreements with countries such as China, Australia, Hong Kong and Korea have improved and increased trade. Each country has an agreement with NZ, with terms that best reflect the needs of both parties. The agreements outline the rules of trading, therefore creating an even playing field. In most cases, tariffs have been eliminated, business visas are easily attained, dispute resolution protocols are in place, and the business of trading is simplified.

Why Buy an Import, Export or Wholesale Business for Sale? 

Buying an importing business for sale could position you as a trustworthy competitor in NZ's commercial space. Sourcing raw material, goods or machinery from overseas, and distributing to the local market, creates a valuable link to local business. With the associated costs, implications and hefty terms of importing removed, local business owners will often pay for your goods ahead of sourcing them themselves. If you can determine a market for your products, manage costs and build a relationship with a reputable, reliable and quality-focused supplier, then buying an import/wholesale business for sale can be a lucrative move with boundless potential.

Buying an export business for sale can bring with it, abundant opportunity. NZ made products have an excellent reputation in the global market. Our nation's offerings are perceived as high quality, unique, progressive and made with integrity. With a practical export plan in place, you can pounce on opportunities that best support your brand, save time, avoid stress and ultimately get the best returns for your effort! 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

LINK's success as a market leading business brokerage is based on a unique approach to facilitation and a focus on delivering exceptional service; LINK's success comes from a distinctive and tailored service.

LINK business brokers are grouped into specialised divisions, with a team of experts that handle businesses relating to the import, export and wholesale sector.  If you have a LINK broker in your corner while you research buying a wholesale business for sale, you can be sure of some professional guidance. 


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