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Transport/Distribution Businesses for Sale

There are many transport and distribution opportunities in New Zealand. As the economy grows, so does the demand to transport goods across the various cities in NZ. There are business opportunities for truck business owners, distributorships, and delivery services. If you are interested in joining this industry, LINK Business Brokers is the best place to start.

Why Buy a Transport/Distribution Business for Sale? 

There is no substitute for an established transport/distribution operation. Businesses of all sizes, across many sectors, rely on such services. Having a reliable distribution channel is at the heart of most company's needs, and the strength of this link is critical to the success of both parties. Buying a distribution business for sale ensures that you will be operating in a prosperous sector. However, this is a highly competitive industry.

Companies that offer a premium service at an affordable price will enjoy the lion's share of contracts. In today's environment, the sector is supported by robust IT infrastructure, enabling B2B communication networks for effective business practice. Buying a transport business for sale that stays abreast of industry advances will be a critical key to success. 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

Our comprehensive list of businesses for sale covers all industries. You are certain to find a truck business for sale NZ and other types of distribution businesses by checking out the listing below or by subscribing to our alerts. This gives you a chance to buy a transport or distribution business as soon as it becomes available.


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227 Listings

Transport Net Profit $35,000 Last Month

price Price: $375,000

profit Profit*: $138,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $710,100

location Location: Bay of Plenty business for sale

industry Industry: Transport/Distribution business for sale

broker Broker: Neil Cammell

shared Shared: 

60% / 40% Shared Commission

Successful Franchise Service Business In Tauranga

price Price: $505,000

profit Profit*: $190,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $3,400,000

location Location: Tauranga business for sale

city City: Tauranga

industry Industry: Services business for sale

broker Broker: Peter Redward

shared Shared: 

Not Shared

Air Charter Company, Hawkes Bay

price Price: Refer to Broker

profit Profit*: $181,660

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $702,924

location Location: Hawkes Bay business for sale

city City: Hawkes Bay

industry Industry: Services business for sale

type Type: Aircraft business for sale, Hawkes Bay

shared Shared: 

Not Shared