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How Do Motel Maintenance Funds Work?

Maintenance accounts are typically a consideration when a hotel or motel business is leasing property from a freeholder. This is because motel and hotel leases are very different from other types of property leases, especially when it comes to who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance. Logically...

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Franchises in the Accommodation Sector - Quest Apartment Hotels must be Considered

Purchasing a business and fulfilling self-employment presents numerous opportunities on choice of industry you wish to trade in. The accommodation industry is dynamic, meeting and accommodating guests from all walks of life, corporate, leisure, countries and is an industry that benefits from many ev...

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Motels are A Good Deal for the Future

Motels are a business proposition with a bright future. Visitor numbers have been on an upwards trajectory for some time and with MBIE NZ predicting that by the year 2022 tourism expenditure is expected to increase by 65% to $16 billion. Accommodation is one of the key growth industries to be in.

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Room to Improve - Achieving a Successful Sale of Your Accommodation Business by KPMG

With New Zealand’s booming tourism sector, and despite the impact of Air BnB, the country’s accommodation occupancy rates have been steadily growing in recent years. (Latest figures from Stats NZ show national guest nights were up 4% for the year ended May 2017 – with growth occurr...

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Five Reasons to buy a Motel or Management Rights

Experts will tell you that buying into a hospitality or accommodation business isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you’re willing to put in the work and learn the details of the business, you can take advantage of a number of benefits other than profit or pay. Here’s a look at five...

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Tauranga, Mount Maunganui Accommodation Specialist

Over the past 6 years Gordon Fridge has become the pre-eminent tourism property broker in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty area. Gordon has sold almost all the Management Rights properties (& motels) in  Mount Maunganui and is regarded as something of an expert in the M...

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How Is Immigration Affecting the New Zealand Accommodation Sector?

New Zealand has long been a target for migration, particularly from Europe and Asia. Indeed, around 69 percent of New Zealanders identify as coming from European descent (mostly from the UK), and approximately 9.2 percent are from Asia, with Maori making up 14.6 percent. Immigration has a major role...

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Management Rights in Mount Maunganui

It's a holiday paradise. It's a place of fun and relaxation. It's Mount Maunganui.

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Buying or Selling a Motel - What Information is Necessary?

When buying a motel, it's important to understand the business financials. Typically, these will be present in documents provided by the seller during the purchase process. The right documents let the buyer verify the financial health of the business and the various obligations that may come wit...

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Creating an Accommodation Business Plan

A good business plan is vital for any business, and accommodation businesses are no different. In many cases, it can be difficult to know where to start, so here are some tips for creating a good accommodation business plan.

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How Accommodation Businesses are Valued: Key Considerations

Selling a business often relies on accurate valuation, which depends on several factors and the main method of valuation that you use. Most forms take into account the earning potential of the business, the length of the lease, what else is included and the options for expansion.

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Reducing Rent and Motel Costs: Two Key Challenges

Rent is one of the biggest costs that motel operators might face, and it’s one that has gradually risen, even as service expectations are increasing and revenues are dropping. Most motel operators were originally told that gross income should divide into roughly three equal parts to cover rent...

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Big Changes Show Promise for Accommodation Providers near Mount Ruapehu

With great change comes great responsibility, and the $100 million investment plan at Mount Ruapehu is definitely bringing great changes to the local economy.

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Buying a Motel - Lease vs Freehold Going Concern (FHGC)

Comparing the benefits of lease and freehold arrangements when buying a motel business.

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