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Business Opportunities for New Immigrants to New Zealand

The World Bank Doing Business survey for 2016 ranked New Zealand as the world’s easiest place to start a business. It also declared New Zealand the best place for doing business, making the country the perfect place to set up an enterprise.

New Zealand’s government is encouraging immigrants to do just that, with new visa classes designed for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. In particular, the Entrepreneur Visa allows immigrants twelve months to establish their business. With proof that they have taken steps to establish the business, the visa can be extended a further two years.

Here are some of the business opportunities available to new residents to New Zealand.


New arrivals have often established retail enterprises in new countries. Immigrants who still have networks in their home countries can begin businesses importing interesting products, whether that’s clothing, food or decorative items. Importing specialised food items brings a customer base of fellow immigrants looking for a taste of home.

Immigrants can also think of purchasing an existing retail business and taking advantage of existing customers and suppliers, while putting down roots in a foreign country. No matter the product, with an established market, retail is always a good choice of business.


Again, networks in home countries can help immigrants establish themselves in the tourism industry. There are many different business opportunities in tourism. Entrepreneurs may be interested in running tours, offering accommodation or setting up as a travel agent.

Offering to show visitors from home around beautiful New Zealand can be a very profitable enterprise. Travel help in a visitor’s native language can help them get the most out of their trip.

For those wishing to purchase a business, hotels and motels are a great option. Buildings are already set up for guests, staff trained and supplies sourced, making for an easy transition to the new business owner.

Food and Beverage

New residents often bring with them the flavours of their home country and the restaurant business can be a good fit for immigrants. New Zealand customers enjoy the fare of a wide variety of cultures and they are willing to try more. New residents who can offer tasty food and good service will find a customer base eager to enjoy their dishes.

Additionally, New Zealanders have some of the best fresh produce around. There’s plentiful delicious, local ingredients for restaurant owners to use. Offering local produce also becomes a great selling point to a population proud of the food grown and raised in New Zealand.

Restaurants are often offered for sale. Immigrants can take advantage of plentiful customers and trained staff while still serving great food to people.

Business Solutions

With New Zealand establishing itself as a great place to do business, immigrants who can help new businesses have an opportunity for their own success. Depending on their skills, new residents may delve into marketing, website design or helping other new immigrants through the process of moving to New Zealand and starting a business.

As the internet becomes essential for business, people with internet marketing, search engine optimisation or web design skills have a growing market. Business consultants and business plan developers can also find a large customer base in a country actively encouraging new enterprises.

New immigrants often have networks and perspectives that bring innovation into their new homes and should take advantage of that when deciding which business to establish in New Zealand. The business opportunities for new immigrants in New Zealand are limited only by the imagination, which means incoming residents willing to work hard and think creatively can look forward to success in their beautiful new home.