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Buying a Substantial Business

The sole focus of the LINK's Corporate division is businesses priced from $1 million to $50 million.  Our team of senior brokers is highly experienced, each with many years’ experience. They know the market and will guide you through the stages involved in finding a suitable business for you.

Before Buying a Substantial Business

Qualify Yourself:

Before beginning the process of searching for a business you should take time to qualify yourself.  If you have ever owned a business you will know what this means.  It will assist not only you but also the broker in identifying what type of business would be suitable for you.

Take inventory of what you can add to a business such as experience, knowledge, skills, ideas and enthusiasm. Identify what level of financial investment you want to make and let your broker know the specifics, such as how much cash you might have available and how much you could borrow.  This will give your broker a clearer perspective in selecting a range of businesses for you to choose from.

Register for New Listings with LINK:

LINK offers a unique service where you can register in our database to receive priority advice on new listings.  You can register online here or you can contact one of our corporate brokers who will discuss what current businesses are available and help you to register in our database. Once registered, you will receive priority notification of any new business within your selected criteria.  


LINK's Corporate division as part of LINK is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and therefore must operate within strict professional and ethical standards.  Most information requested on a business is confidential and commercially sensitive requiring business owners to carefully guard who receives information and they will be limited to qualified genuine buyers.  For this reason you will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (CA) after being qualified to ascertain your suitability to acquire the business.

After completing hundreds of acquisition and divestment agreements, LINK's experience in this area of specialisation has resulted in a reputation as the preferred specialists in the $1m to $15m market. LINK is used by both business owners and professionals wanting a high quality professional service.  


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