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Clean Sweep for LINK at Annual REINZ Awards

LINK celebrated another incredible evening with six wins at the 2020 REINZ Awards. For the fifth year in a row LINK were awarded Large Business Broking Office of the Year! On top of this, LINK won all available awards for the business brokerage industry.

With the year it’s been, LINK truly appreciates these successes and the people behind it all – an exceptional way to the end the year.

Aaron Toresen, LINK’s Chief Executive Officer, was excited to share the evening with the team. “While 2020 has been extraordinary for lots of reasons, our performance at this year’s REINZ awards was nothing short of sensational.  Winning every category against our competitors in this marketplace was a very welcome reminder of the great company we are all part of. ”

Among the 41 awards that were presented, LINK won:

  • Large Business Brokerage of the Year – LINK Ellerslie
  • Medium Business Brokerage of the Year – LINK Bay of Plenty
  • Small Business Broker of the Year – LINK Christchurch
  • Small Agency of the Year (All Disciplines) – LINK Business Brokers
  • Business Broker Salesperson of the Year – Bruce Cattell, LINK Ellerslie
  • Business Broker Rising Star of the Year – Jeff Wiley, LINK Ellerslie

Finalists also included:

  • Medium Business Brokerage of the Year – LINK North Shore
  • Business Broker Salesperson of the Year – Lindsay Sandes, LINK Ellerslie
  • Business Broker Salesperson of the Year – Martin Plom, LINK Ellerslie
  • Business Broker Rising Star of the Year – Steve Catley, LINK Bay of Plenty

Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at REINZ says: “Every year we have a significant number of high-calibre entries, many of whom have won their own local or agency awards making for some extremely tough competition. It has been great to be able to come together and celebrate success from across the country. To win one of these awards is to be the best of the best, and that is a noteworthy achievement.

With a growing reputation for the highest level of customer service, LINK has become the most trusted brokerage focusing on service, value and integrity. The team at LINK is proud of the company's history and is committed to continuing the tradition of selling businesses, as only LINK can.

Aaron Toresen said “Whether a member of our administration team, marketing, finance, management or of course the brokers - who make it all happen - every member of LINK can be enormously proud of this achievement. Winning any award when pitched against your competitors is a great moment, but to have a clean sweep of every business broking category was the ultimate validation. It takes real teamwork to achieve results like this and my deepest thanks go to every person who makes up part of this special group.”

LINK’s size and reach mean that its brokers have the opportunity to utilise their knowledge, experience and connections to successfully sell any business.

“We have the best brokers in the business; from the rising star (and the runner up!) to the broker earning the most in NZ (and the runners up!) to each category size of office and even an all disciplines award…this was a defining moment for LINK. With the world changing, LINK’s business model has returned to a focus on NZ, so rest assured the best is yet to come” says Toresen.