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The value of timing when selling your business

Exit planning plays a big part in maximising your business value at the time of sale. There are many things that you can take control of to ensure you achieve that “top dollar price” at the time of sale, including maximising profitability, committing to a strong marketing campaign, minimising and mitigating risk and generally making the business as attractive as possible to buyers.

However, there’s one thing that plays a big part in securing that premium price and it’s something you can’t necessarily control and that’s market conditions / timing of the sale. Ensuring that your business is always “sale ready” is sensible business practice. When the market conditions peak you might want to consider the option to exit and achieve a great tax free result in reward for all those years of hard work and effort.

At LINK we have been selling businesses for quarter of a century and right now the market is most definitely “hot” with record prices being achieved. In the last 12 months alone, LINK Waikato has recorded its busiest year ever with record multiples being achieved.

So what’s fuelling these record results?

  • High Buyer demand – LINK has recorded the highest number of buyer enquiries in over a decade
  • Increase in multi offers – you can’t beat buyers competing for your business
  • Low Interest rates – more affordable for debt servicing
  • Lack of future job security for employees
  • Focus on buyers wanting to build equity for future retirement.
  • Tax advantages

Selling your business can be a tough decision to make, however every single business owner will at some point exit their business. Some time it right and come out with a great tax free lump sum and go on to enjoy a wonderful retirement. Others are not so fortunate and wind down the lease, move stock through a closing down sale and sell off the tangible assets for a minimal cent in the dollar.

You have the control to decide when you sell your business and it makes obvious sense to sell when the market is hot.

At LINK we take care of the whole sale process, allowing you to focus on what’s important – continuing to run your business. If you are considering selling your business, there might not be a better window of opportunity than right now to achieve that dream result.

LINK operates with highly professional and industry specialised Brokers. Give us a call today and we can match you up with a Broker for a friendly chat and provide you with a totally confidential, free, no obligation business market value appraisal. The perfect time to sell your business – could be now.