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Why you Should Consider Moving to Northland, New Zealand

Are you ready for a change of scene? Perhaps you’re looking for lucrative business investment opportunities in New Zealand? If you are ready to move to a country which offers exciting business opportunities balanced with an unmatched lifestyle for your family- Look no further! Consider Northland, which is a region near the top of New Zealand. This area is not only blessed with some of the most stunning scenery in the world, it also has a growing population and economy – and you can be part of it! Right now, we have a range of exciting Northland businesses for sale across a range of industries. LINK Northland can unlock the door to the wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

Escape to peaceful Northland, NZ and discover your dream lifestyle

When you’re ready for a change of pace, then Northland, New Zealand, is waiting for you. Stunning beaches and idyllic scenery everywhere you look make this beautiful place a tourist haven. Every year more and more tourists flock to Northland, and as a result, the economy is steadily growing. Northland is one of the few places in the world where entrepreneurs can truly have it all - unrivalled lifestyle paired with lucrative business prospects.

Now is the perfect time to find your slice of New Zealand paradise, along with the business of your dreams. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone! It’s a small country where big things are possible. Did you know that New Zealand is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world? Many new technologies are embraced in New Zealand first, before anyone else in the world, making this country highly tech-savvy. Per capita, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of internet connectivity in the world, enabling businesses to run more

efficiency. Add to this the high quality of lifestyle in Northland, and you can see that New Zealand has so much to offer.

If you have children, then you’ll be glad to know that New Zealand schools compare favourably with the rest of the world. Schools in Northland offer so many opportunities to children of all ages. As well as encouraging high levels of academic achievement, schools provide a rich curriculum involving sports, culture and of course, lots of outdoor activities.

Take a look! LINK Northland presents a range of businesses for sale in Northland, NZ

LINK Northland makes buying a business in this region easy! We’ve put together a comprehensive range of businesses for sale in Northland – all you have to do is browse through and find the one you’ve been searching for.

Northland businesses for sale in the accommodation and tourism sector

The number of tourists and general population in Northland are steadily growing every year, making the accommodation and tourism sector a great area to buy into in this region. From holiday parks to motels, restaurants and bars – Link has it all! Here’s just a few of the exciting accommodation and tourism businesses for sale Link has listed. 3

Russell-Orongo Bay Holiday Park – award-winning business with growth potential

If you’re searching for a business that is already well-established and has huge potential for growth, then the Russell-Orongo Bay Holiday Park in historic Russell, in the Bay of Islands, NZ, is well worth a closer look. Your investment is safe here, with a 14% growth every year! This is one of the most popular holiday parks in the Bay of Islands, with an array of accommodation options from glamping tent sites up to lodge accommodation.

Set on simply stunning grounds and with exceptional facilities, the Russell-Orongo Bay Holiday Park gives you the opportunity to truly live the dream. There’s plenty of flat land ready to develop further and take advantage of the sheer number of tourists visiting Russell every year. If nature is your thing, then this holiday park is ripe for developing into a lucrative Eco-Tourism business.

To find out more about Russell-Orongo Bay Holiday Park, read through our listing.

Waterfront dining in Paihia, Bay of Islands, NZ

Ever dreamt of owning your own restaurant in a breath-taking location with picture-perfect views from the dining room? Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar is the business for you. Set right on the iconic Paihia waterfront, over-looking the Bay of Islands, this popular restaurant has been well-set up and is looking for a new owner to take it to the next level. Paihia enjoys a growing number of tourists year-round, every year, and Alfresco’s currently earns a 25% growth year on year. Check out the listing on our website. 4

Adventure tourism business for sale in Northland

Are you an outdoorsy type? Are you searching for a business that allows you to share your passion for the sea with others? Are you keen to purchase a business that you can develop? Work Hard – Play Hard is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for! Adventure tourism is a booming industry, and the Bay of Islands offers some of the best diving spots in the whole world.

Want to know more? Check out our listing for this business on our website and see how you can make your dreams come true!

Why LINK Northland?

Our team has nearly 20 years’ experience and has built up a wealth of contacts across a broad range of industries. Industry-specific knowledge sets us apart from our competition, and we go the extra mile to help our clients find the business of their dreams. We know the market here in New Zealand, we know the businesses we know the people, we know the community, therefore we are your first port of call when it comes to sourcing and purchasing a business in New Zealand.

We are happy to work with your local business broker as LINK Business Broking has over 300 agents in 5 countries. It is the largest business brokerage in the world which makes the entire process of buying a business in New Zealand hassle-free. From sourcing businesses for sale, to facilitating the sale transaction to helping you set up, we work with you as part of your business team, to assist you in achieving your dream of living and owning a business in Northland.

Ask your local broker about New Zealand and we make it a team effort to find the perfect business for you. Whatever the business you’re looking for, LINK Northland has it! Contact us today to see how we can help you find your perfect business investment.


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