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Merv Rebello

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Phone: +64 9 869 3821
Mobile: +64 22 647 2221
Fax: +64 9 525 1457
Office: Auckland - Ellerslie

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A Business Broker who won't drop the ball!

Merv began selling firecrackers as a teenager, to challenge his father's belief that "business is not meant for us".  He bought a sack full of firecrackers and trudged from door to door through his neighbourhood,  successfully selling his merchandise. Considering the sale of firecrackers as an "improper venture", his father kept him from further business ideas by engaging him in the family business of private coaching.

Merv soon grew tired of coaching and took to selling industrial sized scales; a job which saw him scrumming his way on and off crowded trains and criss-crossing the sprawling city of Mumbai. Later, he sailed as a marine engineer onboard supertankers. The tankers carried crude oil from the Gulf to energy hungry Europe, around the Cape of Good Hope. The engineer on duty was briefed to ensure that “the propeller never stops running”.  Merv adopted this phrase as his motto in life and is the attitude by which he conducts his business today.

After his sea faring days Merv married Maggie with whom he has a son, now a lovely young man. Looking for a better life, the couple chose New Zealand as their new home. Upon arriving in New Zealand, Merv embarked on a successful career as a residential salesperson. He successfully marketed, sold and assisted in the buying of a number of homes. It was during this time that he realised his true calling and joined LINK Business Brokers.

With his early stint as a marine engineer and the later success of running two businesses, Merv looks back on his career with pride. He reminisces with a smile, as he recalls the joy his firecrackers brought to the neighbourhood children, as they watched the fireworks during Diwali (the festival of lights). His time selling scales, brought value to many merchants whose livelihoods depended on the accurate and precise trade of goods.  His time as a marine engineer served to fuel cars and warm homes throughout Europe. And he reflects on the scores of Aucklanders who continue to thank him for his expert real estate service. He helped to facilitate a new chapter in so many lives and feels justified in thinking that he helped to enrich these lives for the better.  Now, as a LINK business broker Merv's approach is no different. He aims to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients.

With a raft of invaluable life experience under his belt, Merv brings a lot to the table. If you're looking for assurance that your business will not only be handled professionally but expertly marketed, then Merv is the broker to give you this guarantee. Call him now to find out how much your business is worth in today’s market and how, along with LINK, he will achieve a great result for you!