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You don’t need to have the perfect business to be able to sell; you need the right strategy to make your business look the most appealing compared to others. There are many ways to determine the value of a business. This is where the expertise of a Business Broker is crucial.

When a buyer is looking to purchase a business, they don’t just look at one business; they will compare your business with at least 2 or 3 other opportunities to invest in. Just a couple of basic properties make your business stand out to purchasers compared with others on the market.

A good business purchase with minimum risk will have at least 1 of the following attributes:

  • Skilled or well-trained staff

  • Written supply agreements and/or exclusive distribution rights

  • Run under management or minimal input of an owner

  • The owner operator earns significantly more than comparable employment in that industry

Currently there are lots of businesses for sale that are run by the baby-boomer generation. Typically, these businesses are run a little old-school and there is lots of room to implement new technologies that will make systems faster and processes easier, which will make it an attractive business to purchase.

Whether you think you are ready or not, have a no-obligation discussion about the value of your business, the current market and options to move forward towards an exit strategy.

I will never charge for my advice and I’m happy to provide you with a free appraisal without any obligation to list your business for sale. We also don’t charge any admin, advertising and/or disbursement fees; only a simple success fee after we sell your business.


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