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Vicky Li

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Phone: +64 4 472 7602
Mobile: +64 21 174 2956
Office: Wellington

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After being both a business vendor and a buyer through 17 years living in New Zealand, Vicky has accumulated abundant knowledge and experience which she is now able to offer her clients and customers. She is particularly knowledgeable with Franchising. Vicky has an extensive network as a long time Wellingtonian which includes bankers, lawyers, accountants, financial adviser and other business professionals.

Being educated in both China and New Zealand universities, Vicky has a Business degree (BBS), and an Economics and IT diploma. These have given her a thorough understanding of business background, operations and culture for Chinese and New Zealanders, especially in the area of hospitality and retail. She also speaks both English and Chinese (Mandarin) fluently.

Vicky believes good communication, decent character, professional service and hard work are essential to understand and satisfy customers’ needs and to provide the right services to be a successful broker.

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Vicky 在新西兰生活了13年, 通过买卖自己的生意,她积累了丰富的商业经验和专业知识可以更好地服务客户。 Vicky是个地道的惠灵顿人,在她10几年的惠灵顿生活工作中,建立了庞大的人际关系网络, 其中包括银行、保险、律师、会计、财务顾问等专业人士。

由于受过中国和新西兰两国的大学教育, Vicky有商业本科,经济大专和计算机大专的3个学历。 通过这些学习经历,Vicky 非常了解中国和新西兰的商业背景和商业文化,特别是在饮食服务业。她还可以说一口流利的英文和普通话。

Vicky坚信良好的交流、正直的品格、专业的服务和努力的工作是理解、满足客户需要, 提供给他们正确的服务, 以及成为一个成功的生意买卖顾问的关键条件。

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