Gordon Fridge

Franchise Owner & Business Broker
Office: Hawke’s Bay Gisborne


I am the co-owner of the LINK Business Hawke’s Bay Gisborne franchise and after cutting my teeth in the accommodation sector selling the lion’s share of all accommodation businesses to come to market from Coromandel to Taupo in the last 10 years, I have now extended that specialist expertise, knowledge and sales experience throughout the East Coast.    

As a franchise owner, I rapidly extended these skills and successes into all other business sectors, including the associated hospitality industry, and our office continues to grow our market share of all business sales, across every business sector in our region. 

It is not a mere coincidence that our office has increased our market share exponentially in our first 2 years from zero listings, to around 30% of all website businesses listed with agencies.   This is simply the result of my absolute commitment to professionalism and success for our vendors, and the fact that we do have the largest and most significant sales data available against which to appraise your business.  Vendors know absolutely that I will do exactly as I say I will do. 

I know full well that self-praise is no recommendation and that is why I greatly value the many very positive references from both Vendors and Buyers that reflect my work ethic and practices.  

I am grateful that Buyers also have trust and confidence in me to sell them only businesses that I can readily sell them out of when the time arises – or sooner should circumstances change for them.  Many are newcomers to owning a business, which makes it absolutely critical for them to be able to trust the best expertise and the widest industry knowledge of a highly reputable Broker. They have a lot to lose if that trust is not absolute. 

I am a business owner who sells business – not farms, or houses, or offices – I simply sell businesses!   Do call me for a chat – and remember – I am never TOO busy to take your referral.