Susan Xiao

Business Broker
Office: Auckland – Ellerslie


Susan移民新西兰10多年,在中国多年的记者生涯让她对市场经济走向和商业环境有特别的敏感! 来到新西兰这个美丽的国度,她学习过会计,从事过销售和会计相关工作。在Covid-19期间,也投身过居民住宅和商业地产销售。

作为世界一流最值得信赖也是南半球最大最成功的专业商业买卖中介, LINK 国际商业经纪集团公司成为她的最爱!相信Susan在重新加入后,她丰富的商业知识和职业经验将为您的生意商业买卖提供最好的建议和选择!


About Susan 

Recently coming back to LINK International Business Brokerage Group and joining LINK Ellerslie Business Sales team again! 

Susan migrated from China and prior to joining LINK Ellerslie, she had a successful career as an associate journalist in China and as a successful Business Broker at another LINK branch. During Covid-19, Susan has tried to involve residential and commercial sales, she has multiple Chinese net workings, so she has accumulated an extensive, high-quality, high-value customer database, allowing her to assist multiple customer requirements and satisfy vendors and purchasers within the industry.  

During Susan’s first year as a Business Broker in 2017, she was successful in transacting almost one deal per month. Her previous track record includes the sale of a luxury motel project, famous franchise garden center and numerous cafes.

Susan obtained a Bachelor of Arts in China and her continued studies gained her a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, completing elective papers of marketing and finance in New Zealand. Based on her former roles and study, she has demonstrated high interpersonal, intercultural business skills, a wealth of knowledge and experience in business analysis and marketing. 

Susan Xiao can speak English and Chinese (native Mandarin speaker) and is known to her clients for being the most trusted specialised Business Broker. 

Professionalism, ethics, morals and integrity, are the foundation of her work.