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Freehold Business for Sale 

When discussing a freehold business for sale, or freehold going concern, we are defining the type of ownership that applies to the business and the land that it occupies. Freehold gives unencumbered ownership rights. With freehold ownership, you may use the land to your advantage, earn an income, build, lease, subdivide, sell or use the land as security against a loan.  

Why Buy a Freehold Business for Sale?  

Buying a freehold business for sale stacks options and advantage in your favour. A freehold going concern is both an enterprise that generates income and commercial property investment; opportunities for growth abound in both. Independent of the business, the land will continue to increase in value. In areas with potential for development, this value could be significant. A thriving business also adds to the land value. As the owner of a freehold business, you have full control of this. As you build and market your business, you not only increase your income but the value of the land on which it occupies.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of owning a freehold business is the option of selling the business while retaining property ownership. In this outcome, you free up capital for other investment opportunities, while earning an ongoing income from the new owner of the business, the lessee.  

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers?

If you are looking to purchase a freehold business for sale, LINK has a dedicated team, experienced in all sales of this nature. A LINK broker can advise you on property value, refer you to lending institutions and legal advisors and assist you with negotiations.

LINK offers a unique and proven approach, backed up by exceptional service.  When buying a freehold business for sale, using a LINK broker could be your best asset.


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Easy Money, Passive Profits over $92k!

price Price: $340,000

profit Profit*: $92,235

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $245,985

location Location: Auckland Surrounds business for sale

city City: Auckland

industry Industry: Services business for sale

broker Broker: JD Hyslop

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Not Shared

Rotorua Freehold Accommodation Provider

price Price: $2,800,000

profit Profit*: $740,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $984,000

location Location: Rotorua business for sale

industry Industry: Accommodation/Motel/Hotel business for sale

broker Broker: Carron Chote

shared Shared: 

60% / 40% Shared Commission

Green Lifestyle Goldmine FHGC

price Price: $1,350,000

profit Profit*: Refer to Broker

sales revenue Sales Revenue: Refer to Broker

location Location: Whangarei business for sale

city City: Whangarei

industry Industry: Businesses with Real Estate business for sale

shared Shared: 

Not Shared