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While the franchise model was relatively slow to take off in NZ, it has now become one of the most popular ways to be “in” business. NZ has more franchise systems per capita than any other country in the world.

While international franchises have enjoyed phenomenal success here in NZ, our locally established franchise businesses have also performed at a high standard. New Zealanders have a keen entrepreneurial spirit, local franchises that have proven successful in our relatively small market, have gone on to achieve big things on a global scale. 

Why Buy a Franchise Business for Sale? 

Franchise businesses are backed by proven, documented systems and head office support. Group buying power, professional marketing tools and the advantage of an already established brand, create a perfect environment for success. Buying a franchise business for sale in NZ comes with additional support from The Franchise Association of New Zealand. Positioned at the top of the industry and supported by professionals, lawyers, accountants and other industry specialists, the association exists to promote franchising and encourage high standards of performance.

Regular meetings around the country, including an annual conference, brings these professionals together to troubleshoot, trade information and develop new concepts; such information is made available to franchisors and franchisees.  Buying a franchise for sale in NZ is a sure entry into a secure industry. 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

LINK Business Brokers has several franchise specialists; some are on the professional database of The Franchise Association of New Zealand. If you are thinking of buying a franchise for sale, choosing a LINK broker to guide you through the process would be a choice that you would never regret!


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