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With the advent of online shopping and the increasing access to global markets, the face of general retail in NZ is transforming. Businesses are quickly learning how best to move with the times, and as such, the retail sector remains buoyant. Retail companies in NZ experience issues that are unique to the country. NZ's population size and proximity to international markets present two real issues for retailers. Those that stay ahead of trends and market demand are usually successful, often setting the pace for their contemporaries.   

Why Buy a Retail Business for Sale?

The modern face of retail has meant that buying a retail business for sale is more about understanding the motives of your shoppers and their reasons for visiting your store. These days, shopping is not only driven by consumer need, but by the desire to experience something – something that online shopping can't deliver! Common motivations to visit a store include the social aspect, the ability to touch and handle items, instore demonstrations and instore promotions. Designing the layout of your store so that it enhances your customer's overall experience is paramount to success.

Buying a clothing business for sale? Offering an instore fashion consult is an excellent way to engage with your customer and give them something beyond any online offering. Buying a hardware business for sale? Instore demonstrations or instore classes presents a level of customer interaction that will result in loyalty and referrals. Buying a retail business for sale in today's environment offers an exciting opportunity to help future-proof this sector. 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

LINK is an award-winning brokerage with over 20 years of experience. LINK brokers are ethical and honest, with a track record of proven results. We know how to leverage value and sell your business smarter. When buying a retail business for sale, you can trust a LINK broker to help you to achieve the best results.


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Laundry On Great Location

price Price: $295,000 +Stock

profit Profit*: Refer to Broker

sales revenue Sales Revenue: Refer to Broker

location Location: Auckland City business for sale

broker Broker: Yong Wu

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Not Shared

Profitable Business in a Thriving Industry

price Price: $585,000

profit Profit*: $200,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $884,000

location Location: Tauranga business for sale

city City: Tauranga

industry Industry: Services business for sale

broker Broker: Lisa Lloyd

shared Shared: 

Not Shared

Tobacco Retail Business Central Auckland Suburb

price Price: $60,000

profit Profit*: $30,000

sales revenue Sales Revenue: $723,000

location Location: Auckland City business for sale

city City: Auckland

industry Industry: Retail General business for sale

broker Broker: Henry Han

shared Shared: 

Not Shared