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The agriculture industry is the largest sector of NZ’s tradeable economy. Pastoral farming in NZ is made up of beef and sheep farming. Dairy farming is prominent in the North Island, while sheep and beef farming is the major farming component in the South Island. Forestry is another active industry within the agricultural sector.

What began at the time of NZ’s settlement, with the milling of native forests, has now turned into an industry based on plantation forests of Pine. NZ has well over 100, 000 hectares of horticultural land planted in a range of fruits, dependent on the location. Apples, stone fruit, kiwifruit, and grapes (for wine) are perhaps our most well-known exports, while berries and avocados are also widely grown. 

Why Buy a Rural Business for Sale? 

Our economy relies on the environment and what can be produced from our land. It is this very relationship that is driving innovation and revolutionary developments in the rural sector and is a compelling reason to support buying an agricultural business for sale. In further support of the environment, there is an increased awareness of biodynamics. Biodynamics is a systems approach whereby a farm, vineyard or orchard is viewed as a living whole; where everything that occurs is linked and feeds into each other. There is limited external input, and most waste is reused for another purpose.

The pressure to farm responsibly and produce goods that are grown as naturally as possible is driving people to switch to more natural methods, and therefore, further innovation. Buying an agriculture business for sale in today’s climate is a guaranteed entry into an evolving sector. With a progressive mindset, the sky is your limit! 

Why Choose LINK Business Brokers? 

Connecting business buyers with sellers for over 20 years, LINK is built on a team of industry specialists, skilled in catering to everyone who is interested in buying a business. Whether you are new to the industry or a first time buyer, when you prepare to buy a rural business for sale, LINK will make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. 


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293 ha 2869 Ohura Road Matiere

price Price: $3,225,000

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location Location: Ruapehu business for sale

industry Industry: Rural business for sale

broker Broker: Peter McAdam

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30 year history and growing turnover - Northland

price Price: 125,000

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sales revenue Sales Revenue: Refer to Broker

location Location: Whangarei business for sale

industry Industry: Services business for sale

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