Link Business

Katherine Shepherd

Sales Manager

Phone: +64 3 366 3394
Mobile: +64 27 5545 151
Office: Christchurch & South Island

Katherine moved to Christchurch from the UK ten years ago and since then has been busy raising a young family whilst continuing to forge a successful career.

Katherine has worked within the travel, real estate and recruitment industries where she was instrumental in successfully growing the businesses throughout the South Island. This was done through hard sales, negotiations, marketing and strong leadership.

Katherine’s philosophy on client service is the key to her success. She believes her clients want to work with someone who has a straight-forward, honest manner, and who can give informed and knowledgeable advice.

“When I communicate with people I take a very direct approach. Success in sales comes through personal communication, and making that connection by establishing your client’s needs and expectations upfront - first by listening and then delivering.”

Katherine has offered tailored services that always achieved top results for her clients. When selling real estate this was applied in appraisals, marketing campaigns, through to negotiations and post contract services.

Katherine now joins LINK to lead the South Island team where she can apply her many years of experience in sales, customer service and team management to make sure that her team are supported. Committed to the new Christchurch, and passionate about outstanding service, Katherine is adamant she can and will achieve the best results for her team and ultimately our clients.