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Gordon Fridge

Franchise Owner & Business Broker

Phone: 0800 327 827
Mobile: +64 22 156 9330
Office: Hawke's Bay & Central Plateau

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I am more than pleased to shout out that I am now the Co-Owner and General Manager of the new LINK franchise - Hawke's Bay and Central Plateau, which incorporates some of my current territory, whilst at the same time, presents another exciting challenge to build the LINK brand in the new areas of our region to the same high profile I have enjoyed selling hotels, motels and management rights for nearly a decade. I am also very positive about promoting all general business sales under our very appropriate bi-line - LINK - we sell businesses!!      

I continue to have a very hands on approach and enjoy very strong relationships with both my Vendors and Buyers, through my strong industry knowledge, my expertise as a strong negotiator and my absolute drive to be prompt, professional and at all times, honest in all my work. This resulted in my unequaled record of sales in the  motel/management rights sector - selling near enough  to all the Management Rights businesses/properties in  Mount Maunganui / Tauranga and Whakatane  when I was a broker in that former area. I am more than happy to now become the ‘go to’ Broker and do the very same, in my new extended areas of Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, the Central Plateau & Rotorua - along with Whakatane of course! Whew!! Yes I know - it's a very wide and diverse area - but I am up for it!!       

I know full well that self-praise is no recommendation and that is why I greatly value the many very positive references from both Vendors and Buyers that I believe truly reflect my work ethics and practices. Vendors know absolutely that I will do exactly as I say I will do – I maintain regular contact and I will give the best advice needed to secure a sale - you could say I am driven to achieve the best for my Vendors!  I am totally committed to the professionalism demanded by this industry and I am more than happy to provide those references as required. 

I am grateful that Buyers also have trust and confidence in me to sell them only businesses that I can readily sell them out of when the time arises – or sooner should circumstances change for them. Many are newcomers to the industry which makes it absolutely critical for them to be able to trust the best expertise and the widest industry knowledge of a highly reputable Broker. They have a lot to lose if that trust is not absolute.   

Do call me - for a chat – and remember – I’m never TOO busy to take your referral.