Bruce Cattell

Business Broker
Office: LINK Enterprise


Over the last 25 years Bruce has built up a broad range of experience ranging from ground-floor sales to marketing and sales management to web-marketing to marketing strategy development to international business development. He has owned, run, bought and sold his own businesses and understands well the pressures – and rewards of business ownership. After an initial career in sales in NZ and the UK, Bruce established his own import/distribution business which grew to generate substantial sales revenue and employ over 35 staff. Subsequently, Bruce co-founded a specialist finance company providing sub-prime asset and materials finance to small and medium sized manufacturing businesses in the UK. Returning to NZ in 2004, Bruce undertook a number of sales and marketing consultancy projects including successfully establishing distribution relationships across Asia Pacific for a European consumer electronics company and developing and implementing the on-line digital marketing strategies which have resulted in a highly successful and award winning campaigns for a New Zealand Government Department. Bruce has been a consistently top performing broker in the LINK team worldwide and was recognised by the Real Estate Institute of NZ in 2016 as the leading business broker in New Zealand. He focuses on sales, mergers, acquisitions and divestments of businesses in the value range $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 particularly in import, distribution, manufacturing, engineering, digital and media businesses.   Bruce is knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in all aspects of Business Sales. Email or call him to discuss the right approach to selling your business now – in complete confidentiality. Recent Business Sales Bruce has Facilitated: Could your business be next? ICT Distributor $4.2M SOLD. Manufacturer $4.1M SOLD. Hire Services $1.1M SOLD. Vehicle Hire $950k SOLD. Heating Services $1.1M SOLD. Private Training Establishment $4.5M SOLD. Engineering $2.1M SOLD. Roofing Services $710k SOLD. Large Retail/Wholesale $7M SOLD. Niche Manufacturer $2.25M SOLD. Manufacturer $4.65M SOLD. Manufacturer Trailers. $1.5M SOLD. Importer Promotional Goods $1.2M SOLD. Cloud Software & Services $1.5M SOLD. Manufacturer $2.3M SOLD. Importer/Retailer $700k SOLD. Manufacturer $2.1M SOLD. Food Importer $820k SOLD. Manufacturer $2.2M SOLD. Machinery Import & Wholesale $1.2M SOLD. Engineering $600K SOLD. Industrial Services $5.3M SOLD. Coffee Distributor $1M SOLD. Scaffolding Services $5.7M SOLD. Importer/Distributor $1.95M SOLD. Manufacturer $6.5M SOLD. Vehicle Rental $2.3M SOLD. Manufacturer $9.2M SOLD.


1. Why LINK and Bruce?

  • “Interviewed 3 brokerages.Largest one was too corporate, too complex and wanted a lot of upfront money.Smallest one did not have a big network and breached my confidentiality within a week of our first meeting and I did not appreciate that.”
  • “Knew of LINK as bought my business from them 7 years ago but did not know any brokers there.Went to LINK’s website to find a broker who sold businesses like mine (not restaurants but manufacturing) and in my price range and found Bruce’s name.”
  • “I contacted him and found him a nice guy, with a similar background to mine in that he had owned and run his own business at one time.”


  • “We met and chatted.  About a week later he came out and had a look at the business.  Over the next few meetings we shared financials, did customer analysis, looked at the market place and my competitors and so on.”
  • “In terms of valuation I had an idea of what I thought my business was worth and Bruce’s valuation was similar.  He felt we could get more for my business though, and suggested we ‘give it a go’.”
  • “He then did an Information Memorandum but did not circulate it widely.  Instead he did some advertising and went to his rather extensive business database.”
  • “His approach was to see how many people we could get interested in my business as possible.  Or as he put it, ‘how many people we could get in the funnel’. “
  • “He was hoping to get 4 offers which I thought was impossible.”
  • “He filtered all potential buyers before they saw the Information Memorandum.  He vetted them on price.”
  • “Within 2 weeks we had 6 interested parties and within 3 weeks 4 of them had put offers on the table.  They were all in a reasonable range.”
  • “That’s when Bruce really came into his own as he worked with the buyers to get the price up, to get to the asking price.”
  • ‘One important thing this process did for me was to help me take my focus off of the price, and focus on who I thought would be a good fit for our business.”


  • “Bruce exceeded my expectations on price.”
  • “He did not play games with the potential buyers, just worked with them to get a fair price in a competitive situation.”

About Bruce:

  • “I would absolutely recommend and use Bruce again.”
  • “He is a very down to earth guy, wasn’t pushy at all during the process, was honest – and I had total confidence in him.”

Martin P.  –   Manufacturing Business (seller)


2. Why LINK and Bruce:

  • “I got a letter from Bruce asking if I wanted to sell my business.  A cold call, really.”
  • “I met with Bruce and was taken with how positive he was.”
  • “Frankly, my business is small – just myself and 1 or 2 others – so I wasn’t sure there was anything to sell!”
  • “When I said this to Bruce, that I didn’t think he could sell my business, he said, ‘You’ll be the first business I have been unable to sell’, he was that positive.”
  • “In fact, I nearly bought my business back off him he was so positive.”


  • “I’d never been through anything like this before, but Bruce made it easy.”
  • “I showed him my records, which were good and went back 30 years. He met with my accountant, and so on.”
  • “After he did his investigations, Bruce looked me in the eye and said he would have no trouble selling my business.”
  • “He then came up with a recipe on how to do so and within a couple of weeks had a very professional approach put in place.  It included a resume of the business for prospective buyers.”
  • “That was in late Nov/early Dec.  Over the Christmas break I had one offer on the table and a 2nd buyer a week later.”
  • “The two offers were close in price, but one wanted a 3-month closing and the other a 15-day settlement.”
  • “I exited my business by early March.”


  • “We got the asking price.  Considering I did not think I had a business to sell, our $ result was amazing.”
  • “All along the process, from our introduction to the end it was a complete pleasure working with Bruce.”
  • “The process was stress-free and fantastic. He kept me fully informed without hassling me, I got a great net result and all along he gave me the guidance I needed.”
  • “I’ve been a salesman all my life and the way Bruce handles people is truly professional.”
  • “He can work with the largest multi-national to small businesses like mine.”
  • “I’d absolutely recommend Bruce and in fact, have given his name to at least 4 other business owners.”

George R  Commercial Catering (seller)


3. Why Bruce and LINK:

  • “Met Bruce about 2 years ago when he advertised a company I was interested in tacking onto my business.”
  • “I found him incredibly honest, refreshingly honest.  He told me I was dreaming on the price I was hoping to buy that business for, but said he’d support me if I really wanted the business.”
  • “He did what he said he’d do, there was no BS.  He was most forthright.”
  • “More recently, when it came time to sell my business I took 3 proposals.  His was not the cheapest, but I knew as soon as I met with him he was the man for the job.  I’ve dealt with 5 other brokers and can categorically say he is the most professional by far that I have dealt with.”


  • “The valuation he gave of my company was based on solid info and the price range he set was above what I had hoped for.”
  • “Don’t get me wrong, our business was well-presented and highly marketable.”
  • “He sent out a comprehensive pack and IM and let us know the best scenario would be one where we had more than one purchaser.”
  • “He set out to create demand, and he did.”
  • “Within a few days of the IM going out we had our first offer and multiple offers came very quickly.”
  • “In the end we had 5 well-qualified purchasers and I ended up getting more than the asking price.  By more than 10%.”


  • “Bruce did what he’d said he’d do and then some.”
  • “I’ve already recommended Bruce to a couple of colleagues.”
  • “I think very highly of him and rate him professionally far above others I know.”
  • “I’m now looking at businesses to buy and am seeking Bruce’s advice.”

Craig B  –  Import and Distribution  (seller)


4. Why Bruce and LINK:

  • “We responded to an ad for a business Bruce was marketing.”
  • “You know within minutes of meeting someone if the business they are selling is one you are keen on, and if the person is competent.”
  • “Bruce impressed us with his understanding of business, and of course his understanding of the business he was selling.”
  • “Lots of brokers don’t understand business and are a pain in the ass to deal with, frankly.”
  • “Bruce is reasonable and pragmatic.”


  • “Bruce worked to establish credibility on all sides.  He was vetting us to see if we were potential purchasers or not.”
  • “He handled the first and subsequent meetings with the vendor well as it is a delicate process.  Often there is a lot of emotion on the part of the vendor and that was true in this case.”
  • “We had a number of questions, which he quickly answered.  Moreover, he had an understanding of why we were asking the questions, what we were looking for. This is important.”
  • “In the bidding stage there were three competing bids.”
  • “Bruce handled this with a lot of tact, especially as the emotion rose on either side of the table.”


  • “There were lots of issues that arose beyond the control of either party subsequent to the sale – issues that caused friction – and he handled that extremely well.”
  • “Bruce’s job was to get the best price for the seller and he did get a good price.”
  • “There was a timeline to work to, and on closing day a number of things need to fall into place.  Bruce was cognizant of these, and sensitive to the needs of all.”
  • “Bruce was a real pleasure to work with.”
  • “We’ve subsequently worked with him more than once.”
  • “Our time is precious, and Bruce never wasted it.”

Paul A –  Manufacturing (Buyer)


5. Why Bruce and LINK:

  • “I followed up a LINK business opportunity that I ultimately did not pursue.”
  • “I told him my criteria of what I was looking for.”
  • “He subsequently put me onto the business I did purchase.”


  • “I come from a legal background and found Bruce very professional and clear in his thinking.”
  • “When I entered into the ring, there were 4 other parties showing interest.”
  • “Bruce was very upfront about this, and told me I would have to meet the asking price to be in with a chance.”
  • “I felt confident this was a good business and a good asking price.”
  • “The due diligence went very smoothly.  It turned out I knew the sellers, so we got on well.”


  • “I am happy with the result.”
  • “I will look to Bruce when I decide to sell.”
  • “Bruce is very trustworthy and reliable.”

Hamish R –  Manufacturer (Buyer)