Gaurang Kaushik

Business Broker
Office: Auckland – Ellerslie


Prior to coming to New Zealand in 2001, I held senior management positions with one of India’s largest food chains.

Having owned and managed my own Dairy, I believe I have the necessary skills and ability to advise and transact the sale and purchase of any business, most especially in the food or associated industries. I have a particularly strong knowledge of the Convince / Superette stores . I also have strong understanding of Franchise models.

I bring an entrepreneurial aspect to my brokerage, and combined with my ability to analyse P & L and balance sheets, I am able to add real value to any transaction.

Being well known and respected within the Indian , more particularly Guajarati community gives both buyers and sellers the comfort and knowledge that their representative is a man of high integrity and ethics. With rich experience in business broking and a strong database I am always confident in what I do.

My spare time is consumed with supporting the temple and enjoying the associated social activities. I am also a committed family man and enjoy the responsibilities of being a good man, fantastic husband and exceptional father.