Gladys Wang

Business Broker
Office: Auckland – North Shore


Bringing a wealth of personal experience, Gladys has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and has owned businesses of her own. With exceptional perception and expertise, she will be able to seek out the best solution for you. Prior to becoming a business broker, Gladys also worked in real estate. Her extensive experience in many different industries allows her to communicate effectively with clients from all walks of life.

As your business broker, Gladys will be attentive to your needs and tailor prospective businesses to you. Let her expertise inspire you on your next business.
If you are looking for expertise and impeccable perception in helping you to start your business, call Gladys today.

Gladys is fluent in English and Mandarin

我来自中国。在新西兰生活已近 20 年。我会将我在这 20 年里累计的经商和地 产经验带到这个职位,为您找到最适合您的生意,成就您在新西兰经商的梦想。