Nols Bertram

Business Broker
Office: Bay of Plenty


Nols brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the LINK team. He has a Bachelor of Administration degree, followed by a 20 year career in local government in South Africa and held several senior management positions during that time.

Nols moved to New Zealand in 1998 and decided to have a change of career at the same time. Early in 1999 he became a Business Broker and is enjoying a successful and satisfying career. He is involved in the marketing and selling of businesses across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Nols values honesty, integrity and hard work very highly. He is committed to an excellent service to his clients and customers and is always prepared to walk the extra mile.

He loves sport, particularly rugby, cricket and tennis and his hobbies include running, reading and gardening. He is married to Elize and they have two daughters.