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Connecting business buyers to sellers for over 18 Years in Australasia, the LINK experience is tailored to cater to everyone interested in buying a business. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to enter the market; a franchisor, searching for franchisees; or seasoned buyer looking to expand – LINK will make the buying process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

There is no cost when buying through a broker like LINK – the fee is paid by the seller.

To ensure the best possible service, LINK is split into 5 specialist divisions:

  • General Business
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • Rural
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Questions about buying a business

How are businesses valued?
How can I be advised of any new businesses available as soon as they are listed?
How do I find out about businesses for sale I'm interested in?
How do I know that what I have been told about the business is true?
How much money do I need?
What happens when I find a business for sale I wish to buy?
What initial information do I need to gather?
What is the ideal business?
What type of business broker should I use?
When can I inspect the business?
Why should I pay someone to buy a business when I could start one up?
Why should I use a business broker?


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Buying the Perfect Business

Buying the Perfect Business – Does it Exist and How do I Find it?

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Tips for a Great Start When Buying a Business

You did your due diligence, closed the deal, and now you're in the hot seat! Where to from here?

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The First Time Cafe Buyer

The First-Time Café Buyer

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Is Hospitality Right for Me

Is Hospitality Right for Me?

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Do I buy a franchise cafe or an independent cafe

So, do I buy a franchise café or an independent café?

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Handy Checklist for When You're Buying a Business

Buying a Business? Here’s a Handy Checklist

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Hottest Businesses to Buy Right Now in Wellington

Every farmer in the world prays for good soil and a fair climate. Every entrepreneur prays for low costs and skilled labour. Every business owner prays for opportunities to grow without prohibitive investment costs. Wellington has, almost by accident, answered all those prayers at once, making this ...

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Why Buy a Business in the Bay of Plenty?

The Bay of Plenty, centrally located on the North Island in close proximity to Auckland and the Waikato region, is a prosperous area of New Zealand with many opportunities for investment. Its coastline is rich with natural resources, including plenty of water and fertile soil, making it the heartlan...

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Investing in a Waikato Business

In a recently released report, business owners gave the Waikato district a score of 8.7 out of 10 as a place to do business. As one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand, Waikato also has above average job growth and a high rate of new businesses. Its reputation as a great place to do busi...

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5 Tips for New Business Owners

Living in New Zealand is a huge advantage for an aspiring business owner. The country was named the number one easiest place in the world to start a business by the World Bank's Doing Business survey. New Zealand is so favourable for new businesses because of the lack of restrictions for establi...

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Why Investors Should Consider Buying a Business in Taupo, New Zealand

The town of Taupo, New Zealand, located near the centre of the North Island in Waikato, has been a popular holiday destination for generations of Kiwis, most notably because it’s located on beautiful Lake Taupo. Numerous hotels, hostels and resorts have established businesses here.

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Why Consider Investing in a Business In New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most appealing places in the world to start or invest in a business. In the recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, New Zealand was rated first in the world for entrepreneurship. In addition, in a World Bank Doing Business survey from June 2017, New Zealand was ranked first in t...

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A Checklist For Buying a Business

If you’re set on the decision to buy a business, you’ve already made an excellent investment decision. Buying a business is a great way to help contribute to New Zealand’s economy and give yourself a chance to grow professionally.

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Benefits of Buying an Online Home Based Business

The spread of the internet has made online, home-based businesses a very attractive option for new business owners. In fact, home-based businesses are currently the fastest growing form of business start-up.

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Creative Funding and Financing Options for Buying a Business in New Zealand

Raising capital to purchase a New Zealand business isn't always an easy task, though entrepreneurs who are willing to think creatively do have numerous options. The obvious options are lender financing through a bank or other top-tier credit organisations. The benefits of going this route includ...

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5 Reasons to Buy a Business as an Investment

Buying a business in any industry can be a good investment if you’re willing to work a bit for both stability and financial return. Some people think they can buy a business and let others run it, creating a passive income for themselves. While this isn’t an impossible dream, it’s ...

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How to Find the Perfect Business to Buy

As business brokers, we like to believe that there is a buyer for every business, if it makes a profit. How long it would take to find a buyer and how much they are prepared to pay for it depends entirely on how the business is presented, how the business is marketed and how the business is valued. ...

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Buyers Mandate: What You Need to Know about Brokers Working for Buyers

The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) mandates that brokers working for the seller put the seller's best interests ahead of buyer desires, which means those brokers work to get the highest possible price for their clients. REAA rules also state that brokers can't quote properties they don&...

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Tourism Looks Healthy for NZ to 2022

New Zealand tourism shows substantial promise, with a very healthy outlook to 2022. Currently, the tourist sector directly employs 7.5 percent of the New Zealand workforce, and total expenditure was $34.7 billion for year-end 2016. Tourism generated about 5.6 percent of GDP, and indirect value was r...

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Understanding Management Rights

Buyers looking to get into the tourism industry need to consider a variety of aspects, including management rights. However, there's a significant difference between motel leases and management rights, and it’s crucial to understand this difference.

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Buying a Franchise System

Excerpt from next Business Broker Magazine (August 2016) - written by Nick Stevens.  Nick is often asked "what is the perfect business", could a franchise system be worth considering?  In this article Nick explains the benefits of buying a franchise system and what...

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Buying a Substantial Business

The sole focus of the LINK's Corporate division is businesses priced from $1 million to $50 million.  Our team of senior brokers is highly experienced, each with many years’ experience. They know the market and will guide you through the stages involved in finding a suitable business ...

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Buying a Franchise Business

Franchising is often described as being like a marriage – a long-term relationship where both parties must trust and respect one another.

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Buying a Farm or Rural Business

LINK Rural was formed to address the need of rural business owners to have a better quality of agency conducting the sales process.

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What to do Before you Buy a Motel Business

What to do before you buy a motel business

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