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We know you have worked extremely hard to build your business. If you are looking to maximise its return, but minimise the hassle of the sale process, you need a trusted business broker like LINK.  

LINK has over 18 years’ experience, broking businesses across Australasia – the leading business broking organisation in the region. Allowing link to market and manage the sale of your business, will give you peace of mind, trusting in LINK’s long standing track record, and industry expertise.

To achieve the best results, LINK has specialist divisions of brokers who have experience in these specific industries. Our divisions are as follows:

  • General Business
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • Rural

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Book Value vs. Market Value: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the sale of a business there are many factors that determine the monetary value of a company before it’s sold. These guidelines and values are used to help determine a fair selling price that makes sense for the current business owner, as well as provide an idea to the buyer o...

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Most Avoidable Mistakes When Selling a Business

Looking to sell? Here are the most avoidable mistakes selling businesses!

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Succession Planning - Make youself Redundant in your Hospitality Business

Most people don't like to dwell on it, but the truth is that you won't be around to handle your business forever. It might sound morbid, but in reality, the reason you leave your accommodation business behind could be a happy one. Some people decide they no longer want to spend so much time ...

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Babyboomers Shouldn't Wait to Sell their Businesses

To sell a business for the best price possible you need to be ready. Accounts, systems and processes, supplier contracts, staffing issues…. all of it needs to appeal to a buyer.

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How long will it take to sell your business?

Selling a business is a process. It is not an event that you work towards, like an auction. To ensure the best outcome you will need to follow the guidelines of the sales process. You will succeed selling any type of business, providing the price, the marketing and the presentation of the business a...

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How New Zealand's Tourist Arrivals Have Grown

New Zealand is a country of immigrants, with less than 15 percent of the population consisting of Maori. Immigration has long been associated with Europe, with the vast majority of those from the United Kingdom, so it's of little surprise that family visits were the original focus of tourism.

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What are the Advantages of a Channel Manager?

What Are the Advantages of a Channel Manager?  A channel manager lets you easily manage your hotels rates and availability distribution across various third-party sites simultaneously. Its function is surprisingly simple: You manage your bookings by changing prices, inventory and inclusions wit...

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Reducing Rent and Motel Costs: Two Key Challenges

Rent is one of the biggest costs that motel operators might face, and it’s one that has gradually risen, even as service expectations are increasing and revenues are dropping. Most motel operators were originally told that gross income should divide into roughly three equal parts to cover rent...

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The Importance of TripAdvisor to Your Accommodation Business

Those in the hotel, motel and general accommodation business know that TripAdvisor can give and potentially take away business. The site, which lets travellers search for deals on holiday rentals, hotel rooms, flights and dining options, includes user star ratings and written reviews alongside every...

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Preparing Your Business for Sale Using a Business Broker

Now that you are considering selling your business, a well-planned approach to the process is required to ensure you are selling at the right time and will achieve the best price for your business.

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Valuing Your Business for Sale

Determining a fair market value for a business is not a precise science, and can vary depending on the type of business and the reason for a request of a valuation appraisal.  There are a wide range of factors to consider – from the book value of the assets, to a host of intangible elemen...

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