Why Buy a Business Through a Broker?

Many people who are interested in buying a business start looking for a possible enterprise, but the majority never follow through. The reasons for this vary, but it’s true that the buying process can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Business brokers have the experience and processes to take away some of the stress and save purchasers both time and money. By working with a broker, individuals are more likely to actually realise their dream of owning a business.

Save Time

Buying through a broker means that many of the steps are taken care of for the vendor. Without a broker, the purchaser must search for the right business, negotiate with the owner, ask questions and wait for the answers before, most likely, asking more questions. The search for the perfect business is made easy with a listing of owners wanting to sell. A broker can listen to the purchaser’s wishes and narrow down the list to businesses that would suit. Brokers may even present businesses that the buyer would never have thought of but that are perfect for their needs.

Businesses found by a broker have often already been pre-validated. The vendors are serious and brokers have already asked all the questions a buyer wants answered. This makes it easier to filter out the wrong business and hone in on the right one.

If there are further questions, a broker will do the follow up instead of a buyer having to chase the seller for more information.

Save Money

Everyone is interested in saving money, especially for a purchase as large as a business. Most business brokers have owned their own businesses and are now experts in buying and selling businesses. This means they know the value of the businesses they find and can advise you about whether the price is realistic.

A business broker is also an expert in negotiating sales. From structuring the offer to going back to the vendors on price changes, a broker’s expertise will ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Buying and selling businesses involve different styles of negotiations than what a business owner, or potential business owner, would normally have experienced and a buyer can rely on their broker to go in with their interests in mind.

Expert negotiations equal savings as the broker gets the best price for their client.

Save Stress Levels

There are many things to worry about when buying a business and working with a broker means that buyers can leave some of those worries at the broker’s door. With so many business sales behind them, brokers have systems in place to ensure the process goes smoothly.

A broker understands the need for confidentiality for both buyer and seller and has procedures to ensure it is kept. In negotiating, a buyer can leave the broker to be the ‘bad guy’, going back to the seller with different questions and demands. This leaves a good working relationship between the buyer and seller as they move forward to the transition period.

Brokers will also have the knowledge to ensure the contract protects their client’s interests. This includes trial periods, transition periods, finances and lease transfers. Dealing with business sale paperwork daily means brokers are aware of loopholes and stumbling blocks that people may not necessarily think of and brokers can ensure buyers don’t fall prey to common pitfalls.

Business brokers are professionals who rely on their reputation to continue in their industry. This means that they are determined to make the buying process as quick and as stress-free as possible. Their daily experience in brokering business sales allows them to make the experience as smooth as possible for buyers. This means their clients can start their journey as a business owner in the best way possible.

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