Why Investors Should Consider Buying a Business in Taupo, New Zealand

The town of Taupo, New Zealand, located near the centre of the North Island in Waikato, has been a popular holiday destination for generations of Kiwis, most notably because it’s located on beautiful Lake Taupo. Numerous hotels, hostels and resorts have established businesses here.

Recently, Taupo has seen an influx of new residents who enjoy the balance of community values, a proactive and growing economy and a relaxed, luxurious lifestyle. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking and the region offers several investment opportunities for eager entrepreneurs.

Amenities in Taupo

Taupo offers big city amenities without the hustle, bustle and noise of big city life. The town centre, for instance, offers most things that you would find in a larger city, such as Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, but all with free parking and easy access without dealing with massive crowds.

Investors will find lots of opportunity for retail investment, as there are plenty of large-name retail stores mixed with independent shops and plenty of cafes and nightlife to keep visitors in the area entertained.

Key Industries in Taupo

Enterprise Great Lake Taupo, an economic development agency for the district, highlights and identifies the key industries of the region that help keep the economy thriving. These include:

  • Forestry
  • Geothermal
  • Dairy
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Any or all of these industries provide excellent opportunities for investment, whether individuals are interested in investing in an established business or starting a new enterprise.

Transportation Around Taupo

Taupo offers easy access to main city centres, including Hamilton, Tauranga and Napier, which are all less than two hours away via car. In addition, the brand new Waikato Expressway is nearby which speeds up the journey between Auckland and Taupo to around three hours.

The small size of the community means it takes a short amount of time to get across town, usually around five minutes and commutes are extremely manageable as well. Public transportation is also abundant and includes buses and taxis.

Tourism in Taupo

Taupo is one of New Zealand’s top tourist destinations as it has much to offer nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and people who like to relax. Situated on the banks of Lake Taupo, the area offers world-class fishing and boating opportunities. Those who enjoy outdoor extreme adventures, including skydiving, mountain biking, bungee jumping and jet boating will find plenty to enjoy here. Beautiful forests, volcanic mountains and stunning lake views satisfy nature enthusiasts.

An hour or so south of Lake Taupo is Tongariro National Park, the first such park established in the country. The tourism industry in New Zealand contributes 14 per cent direct to the GDP and employs 23 per cent of the working age population in the area. Visitors to the Taupo region for the year ending March 2016 were estimated at 555,267, which is up 4.7 per cent from the previous year. An increase in tourism to the region means that the area is ripe for potential investors and businesses to start their own companies or invest in existing ones.

Real Estate on Lake Taupo

Many Kiwis have purchased holiday homes in this region for the investment opportunity. They may use the houses themselves when they travel to the region and then offer the homes as rentals to tourists during portions of the popular travel season. Typically, the travel season is during the summer when the weather is warmer, although Taupo has excellent winter activities available as well, including skiing and snowboarding.

Real estate investments can be tricky, however, because of the initial upfront money required and the monthly mortgage and interest that has to be paid regardless of whether or not tenants are currently renting a home. The benefit of Taupo is that it’s a great year-round destination.

New Zealand’s Taupo region is appealing for investors because of its healthy economy, multiple investment opportunities in a wide array of industries, active tourism and competitive real estate market. Interested investors and wealthy self-starters would be smart to consider buying a business in the Taupo region.

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