Master the Market: A New Financial Year’s Competitive Advantage

There are a range of competitive advantages in choosing to purchase a business at the start of the new financial year. This ranges between allowing you to gain a foothold in a refreshed market, to capitalising on emerging trends, financial forecasting, and outmanoeuvring competitors. Strategically timing your business purchase with the start of the new financial year means maximum impact and success.

Insights into Opportunity: Navigating New Zealand’s Business Market in 2024

With 2024 well and truly underway and the end of FY24 fast approaching, business owners and prospective buyers alike are eager to gain insight into New Zealand’s current market conditions. Katherine Shepherd, Sales Manager of LINK Business Brokers Christchurch & South Island is happy to share that at present, the business climate is particularly positive, offering favourable opportunities for Kiwis to achieve a spectrum of business goals.

Why It Is Better To Invest in Businesses Rather Than Property

Any type of investment is a risk and in New Zealand there are two main types of investments to consider: business investments and property investments. Business investments are considered a more favorable option over property investments for several reasons.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Confidentiality Agreements

Whether it’s new products, trade secrets or financial performance, information can be your most valuable business asset. It’s important to protect your business’s advantage over competitors and safeguard confidential information, and one way this is done is with confidentiality agr…

The Role of a Business Value Appraisal

Selling a business is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. One of the most important elements in this process is conducting a business appraisal. For those of you who are new to this concept, a business appraisal, or business valuation, involves evaluating the economic worth of a company through a comprehensive analysis of its finances, assets, market conditions, and more. Understanding the relevance an appraisal plays in selling a business is essential to ensure a successful and lucrative transaction.