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Selling a business in the value range $2M - $30M? Our experts can help you get the maximum value

LINK Enterprise is the specialist division within LINK focused on sales of high value businesses typically making profits in excess of $500,000. We work in every conceivable sector, from services to manufacturing, engineering to utilities, healthcare to heavy industry. Our buyer network is composed of public companies, private equity firms, private companies, investment syndicates and private investors.

Our innovative business sale approach involves profiling and approaching a wide range of acquirers within New Zealand and internationally to facilitate choice, competition and better deal values whilst never losing sight of the need for confidentiality. We have a proven track record gained over many years of successful high value transactions in delivering excellent outcomes for our clients.

We’re driven by results, and we go the extra mile to get you the maximum value from a sale.

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Our Staff

Bruce Cattell
Phone: +64 9 555 6024
Mobile: +64 21 779 439
Rebecca Watts
Operations Manager
Phone: +64 9 555 6041


Bruce Cattell
Business Broker
Phone: +64 9 555 6024
Mobile: +64 21 779 439
Aaron Toresen
Business Broker - Founder
Phone: +64 9 555 6000
Mobile: +64 21 722 677
Martin Plom, BBS, CA
Business Broker - BBS, CA
Phone: +64 9 555 6048
Mobile: +64 21 051 5507
Jeremy Pak
Business Broker & CA
Phone: +64 9 600 1261
Mobile: -